The Captain Goes Down with the Ship


When I wrote this song 3 or so years ago, I had a couple of things in mind. One was the state of the music industry and the death of record companies afforded by their own lack of foresight. Another was my very similar feelings about certain major political parties, along with the superficiality of the political circus and the fact that it seems to have become something to bemoan and curse every 4 years or so and then forget about completely.

The result of the US election last night is not the one I wanted, neither was it even the desire of the American people when looking at the popular vote statistics. I truly believe, though, that elections are won and lost by the apathetic attitude that the general population, especially young people, have towards politics.

This shit didn't happen overnight. It has been building for many many years, and if you want to make sure that it doesn't happen again, we all need to help build too.

Today, enjoy this wordy and slightly preachy ditty from my much younger self. Tomorrow, let's begin again the battle against fascism and hate.


- BL

© Benjamin Longman 2019